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One of the crowd.

Well, we are in week 2 of Jr’s kindergarten adventure and we have all managed to get where we need to be with all of the crap we need to have, including pants (no small victory,) in a timely fashion every day.

So I guess we are all going to survive the switch, (but reading of any heartfelt ruminations is still on hold until further notice, TYVM.)

I did come to a semi-jarring realization yesterday, not about Jr, but about my own role in this whole daily drop off scenario.

Years ago I made a vow — through gritted teeth with narrowed, shade-throwing eyes — to the baseball-capped, yoga-pants clad, latte-toting super-star suburban mommas piloting their perfectly organized MUVs in and out of the preschool parking lot – and to myself.

I wasn’t going out like that.  See, I proclaimed it in my very first post.   “Walk among them, don’t become them.”  (Thank you Suburgatory, for the best line ever.)

Look, we can pretty much agree that I lost my “cynical Keri” street cred a ways back now… probably around the time I started skipping through the local café giving everybody the winky finger guns and trying to hug an entire town.

winky jesus

Winky Jesus loves you, and so do I, Hometown.

But what I saw yesterday, when I glanced at my reflection in a window of the school while standing on the kindy playground, made me gasp audibly:

Note look of horrified realization.




That is legit the ACTUAL textbook image of what I had described as being “them”  just a few years ago.  AND I QUOTE, “… yoga pants and performance fleece and pony-tails sticking out of baseball caps; with perfectly lined eyes…”

(Well, I suck at eye make up so that part is NEVER going to be me, but  still… I mean, come on.)



Holy athleisure wear, Batman.  I was the creature I feared all along.

Even more fascinating – I totally get it now. Momming of school-aged kiddos is intense, yo.  Jr’s start time is a full hour earlier than I used to drop him off at his previous daycare/school.  Two minutes late? Too bad. Your kid is tardy, thanks a lot, Mrs NOT Mother of the Year.   That early ass roll-out time means that I have kissed my pre-dawn TV workouts buh-bye; we are already in full-on morning prep mode at that time of day now.  AND GUESS WHAT – if I put on the clothes when I get up, then I actually get a workout in right after I bid Jr adieu in the kindy yard and low-speed it out of the school zone. If I am wearing something else?  Nope, I end up putting off the putting-on of workout wear, and it just never happens.

ANDPLUSALSO – there are ample pockets for my stuff, it is toasty if the morning is cool, and if I notice a smudge of WTF on Jr’s face right as we get a foot on the playground, I don’t have to worry about jacking up work wear using my sleeve as a face wipe. (Yup, I said it.)

It’s like wearing a suit of mom armor.  I can’t hide it – I am converted, and I hadn’t even noticed the change.

The truth can hurt, Keri.

But it can also set you free.

:::raising giant Starbucks cup :::

Here’s to being “one of them.”

one of us



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Monday morning drop off.

This morning was the first time I actually dropped Jr off in the pre-school class room instead of his “twos” room. He is not two.  He is three.  Also he has been slowly spending more and more time in pre-school, and last week was there all day except for the very beginning and end of each day.  He was a bit trepidatious,  but saw a teacher he likes playing with blocks that he loves, and after one extra hug, off he went to join in the fun.

He was ready.

As it turns out, I was not.

I walked out to put his lunch in the fridge and ducked into the dark, quiet gym to try to get the tears out of my eyes (believe me, they know that Keri is a crier at his school, but I was surprised that it hit me like that, and wanted to pull it together. )

I could hear him giggle and start to tell his friends about his birthday party over the weekend “I got a fire truck and a bike and CUPCAKES….”    I gave up trying to stop the waterworks and decided to make a run for it and just get to the parking lot and let go.

Back in the Keri Mobile, I was winding up to do just that, when another mom came out and climbed in the minivan next to me.  Then she suddenly jumped out, shut the door and ran to the sidewalk where she stood clutching her chest and staring at the van.  I looked up at her in a teary haze.

“That’s not my car!” she exclaimed.

She got in someone else’s minivan.  In a parking lot in the burbs.  Because there are so damn many out here.  This struck me as VERY funny, in my over emotional, crazy mom state.  I laughed so hard, it probably looked like I was being tickled by the invisible man or something.

She giggled and turned red, then walked to the next (fairly well identical) van, got in, and drove away.

I half expected the owner of the van to climb in and pause, sensing a disturbance in her swagger wagon force, but she just drove away, sitting where a stranger’s buns had been only a few minutes before.

It was a roller coaster of emotion to deal with before 8 a.m. on a Monday morning.

Keri had to stop for a coffee.



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Local Love: Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company

Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company is hardly a secret.  I’m not letting any cats out of bags with this one, oh no no.

Peruse the reviews on their website to feel the love far and wide, by people and publications who know an amazing coffee program when they  see taste it.    This place is solid. (Also, say “peruse the reviews” out loud a few times.  Because fun.)

So why mention it Keri?  And why now?

Two words:  Anise Mocha.

Last week I got a tweet from fellow burbs resident and organic farmer/owner of Clear Creek Organics, Stephen (check out Field and Table , his blog about the farm, BTW,) regarding the above-mentioned Anise Mocha.  It’s an off menu, word-of-mouth/social media offering currently being created at Two Rivers, and it sounded like something that needed to be in my mouth pronto.

It was.  It is.   I can’t stop.  I have been back every day for my fix.  I hear it calling me, feel it pulling me.  “Keri… come.. sit… drink me.  Snack on the delish little cookie that comes on my saucer.  Stay a while.”  (What?  You don’t have conversations with your beverages? )

It’s hot and sweet and tasty – with a bite of spice from the anise that makes you warm inside and out.   If loving it is wrong, I could never even think about why I should be right.

My time with it is short – the holiday craziness approaches,  and Stephen’s tweet hinted that the new year might mean the end of this delicious offering.

Run don’t walk  to Arvada and ask them to craft one for you too.  Ok maybe drive. Or bike. You pick, just hurry over there and try it.

Well done, Two Rivers, well done.

Thanks for the tip, Stephen.  Long live the twitter friend tip!!


Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company

7745 Wadsworth Blvd, Suite B. Arvada, CO 80003


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Local Love – Bean & Berry

*ETA: Bean and Berry has sadly closed.

While alternately adjusting to/fighting against life back in the old hometown, my reluctantly suburban sanity has been saved by a small (but growing) group of places. Places that are breaking the suburban mold and offering great services and blessedly individual character in a sea of chain restaurants and big box stores.

In the shadow of the approaching Small Business Saturday (after the dreaded, and avoided all together by me, Black Friday,) I thought there was no better time than the kickoff of prime shopping season to start highlighting some of the places in the area between Denver and Boulder that have captured my Local Love.
One of my favorite examples of unique and creative small business in the area, (and the location alluded to in a previous post,) is Bean & Berry, a hidden gem of a genius concept tucked into a shoppette at 305 McCaslin Blvd in Louisville. The signage from the street isn’t flashy by any means, so be on the lookout for it, because it is so, SO very worth finding.

That it is great local coffee shop serving up all of the usual suspects, (brewed from organic, fair-trade beans,) to keep you caffeinated is fabulous enough, but that is really just the teeny tiniest tip of this iceberg, people.
Because that is just the “Bean” portion of things – the “& Berry” is where Keri’s heart is truly captured.
If coffee just isn’t going to cut it, then let your eyes move right on down to Bean and Berry’s wine list.
That’s right people. Wine. Actually wine, spirits, and bottled beers – predominately Odell’s selections with a few others for good measure.
BUT WAIT!! That isn’t even everything!! This cozy little corner shop also has a great menu of satisfying sandwiches, sweet or savory crepes, fun tapas, and delicious breakfast burritos (breakfast items served all day!)
The food isn’t just there as an afterthought – it is tasty and fun and not too serious about itself, (a section called “fun with grits”? Indeed.)  I am particularly partial to the Flyin’ BLT with its peppered bacon and magical aioli that is a touch of saucy perfection.
Owners Michaela and Lisa (and their friendly staff,) have created a little haven for the neighborhood here, with local artists’ work for sale on the walls, music nights featuring local bands, and even a private room available for the community to use for meetings (call for availability of the “B Lounge” for your group.)
The vibe is decidedly “coffee shop-esque” in the best way possible – seating is a mix of tables, bar, and comfy upholstered couch and chairs so you can channel your inner Monica and Chandler (except that Central Perk lacked hooch, so you automatically win in this fantasy scenario.) Connect to the free WiFi over a cup of joe OR a glass of grape and decompress.

Current seasonal additions to the menu include biscuits and sausage gravy with scrambled eggs, all manner of pumpkin flavored beverages from the espresso bar, as well as Isolation Ale (what up, Colorado tradition,) and Dark and Stormys for “adult beverage” offerings. Yes ma’am.
Each day also offers a different Happy Hour offering (4-6pm), from Monday’s $7.00 Marg and Nachos combo, to $3.00 house wine Wednesdays, and (garnering Keri’s brunch-worshiping allegiance for all time,) $8.00 bottomless mimosas during their Sunday business hours. (BRING ON THE MIMSIES, Y’ALL!!)
A current Groupon offering makes it a perfect time to check Bean and Berry out, but really, no excuse is needed. Great, responsibly sourced coffee + a careful selection of wine, spirits, and beer + yummy food for any time of day = a place worthy of lots of Local Love.

Bean & Berry on Facebook

Bean & Berry on Groupon

Look for more Local Love offerings to come soon on Reluctantly Suburban!

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I’M AWAKE! Just Sayin’.

It appears that Jr’s new thing is releasing a single, blood-curdling scream while completely asleep.
Usually around 4:00 a.m.
He is not even minorly disturbed by these incidents. 
I, however, am left,  eyes as big as dinner plates, panting and shaking and the awakest any human has ever been.

“Baby” the Keurig is going to get the workout of her coffeemaker life today.

Just Sayin’.


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