I’M AWAKE! Just Sayin’.

It appears that Jr’s new thing is releasing a single, blood-curdling scream while completely asleep.
Usually around 4:00 a.m.
He is not even minorly disturbed by these incidents. 
I, however, am left,  eyes as big as dinner plates, panting and shaking and the awakest any human has ever been.

“Baby” the Keurig is going to get the workout of her coffeemaker life today.

Just Sayin’.


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2 responses to “I’M AWAKE! Just Sayin’.

  1. I have been there many a night. My 5-yr old still does this sometimes. Though lately it’s been a shrieking cry of “MOMMY!” at 4 AM. WTF with 4 AM? And why is he sound asleep when I go in there to see what he wants? So unfair. 🙂

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