Local Love

If you, too, are nestled somewhere in the “in between Denver and Boulder” area of the front range – or if you are planning a visit to Colorful Colorado, here is a handy-dandy list of local businesses that Keri loves!


Big Mac and Little Lu’s -(Westminster) Trying to enjoy seafood in our beautiful-but-VERY-landlocked state can be a bit of a fool’s errand.  The options can be sketchy, and far-from-fresh; and the preparations sadly often range from disappointing to just plain destroyed.

Which is what makes Big Mac and Little Lu’s oh so very special, indeed….  Read more from a previous post

Community – (Lafayette) It is not exactly a secret that Keri’s love language is food, so a restaurant where you can pick out little and big plates to share family-style with you table is pretty much a no-brainer.  Share food = Share love.  And oh how I love to share the food at Community.  The menu is tweaked regularly, so there is no getting bored here – and we love to switch up our orders. (Although I always NEED the Community chicken, in all it’s roasted glory, on the table.) Big fat bonus?  The cocktail program is dialed in and they have 24 rotating beer taps to keep even the pickiest craft beer drinker (ahem, The Mr,) satisfied.

North Side Tavern –  (Broomfield) Opened in late 2015, NST is (in my humble opinion,) a total Mary Poppins kind of joint – practically perfect in every way.  From the rotating list of well-chosen craft beers on tap, to the ginormous bar with ample bag hooks, outlets and USB ports underneath, to the shelf of family friendly games and activities that made it Jr’s instant fave – it is EXACTLY what it needs to be in EXACTLY the spot we needed it.  The menu of elevated tavern food is interesting and well executed.

Kachina Southwestern Grill – (Westminster) Two words, people:  Navajo. Tacos.   It is true, I’d push The Mr. outside into a snowbank right now if he was trying to take the last Gaucho taco (slow braised lamb, smoked tomato aioli, brussel slaw, cowboy beans) off the plate.  I have no shame when it comes to those things. Read more

Waterloo – (Louisville)  Waterloo says “God Bless Johnny Cash”?  Well I say “God Bless Waterloo!”  They run great  specials for “Loo-hour” every day from 3-6pm, which includes fabulous prices on food (not just your standard fried fare either, the Harvest Salad is generous and delicious,) and drinks including a rotating “pint of the day.”  Each day of the week has its own drink special  and a once-a-week dish coming from the kitchen, as well.   Saturdays = cheap Shiner and their REALLY good country fried steak.  My Texan transplant husband is in heaven.

GQue – (Westminster) BBQ from an award-winning competition BBQ team that has blessed us with a brick-and-mortar location so we can get our hands on their delicious wares.  You can absolutely take it to go, but why not sit a spell, have a beer, and chat with Jason and the rest of this great bunch of people.  Everything is SO GOOD, but the Jalepeno Cheddar Sausage are “not ashamed to cry in public about it” amazingly effing awesome.


Precision Pours –  (Louisville) Gotta fuel up for the day, and a cup of coffee here is just what I need. Brice’s mobile-coffee-bar-turned-storefront is a fabulous small business success story. His passion for and knowledge of coffee means every cup is the best cup.

Two Rivers Coffee Company – (Arvada) Two Rivers Craft Coffee Company is hardly a secret.  Peruse the reviews on their website to feel the love far and wide, by people and publications who know an amazing coffee program when they  see taste it.    This place is solid. (Also, say “peruse the reviews” out loud a few times.  Because fun.) Read more from past review


Big Choice Brewing –   A note about Big Choice – as of 7/1/2017, the brewery is in  process of changing locations, with an eye toward opening in  the AWESOME new Brighton space at the end of July 2017. Follow them on Facebook, IG, Twitter,  for updates. (Broomfield/Brighton) Big Choice had actually opened their doors right around the time we were making our move into the burbs in spring/early summer 2012. (Divine intervention or just awesome timing?  I can’t say for sure…) Read more from my previous post

Twenty Brew Taphouse – (Westminster) A rotating list of 20 Colorado beers on tap – complete with a slick menu board that lets you see how much is left in each keg, so you know when your chance to enjoy each beer is going to run out (and a new delicious brew be put on tap.)  Genius.


Coyote Bookstore – (Broomfield) The fight is strong in this little bookstore, which lost it’s original location in late 2015 (It’s tough out there for an independent bookstore, yo. ) BUT – I kind of love their new location even more, because it happens to be located in a section of the building that once housed Broomfield’s branch of the USPS.  Just pulling up out front transports me instantly back to the days of smaller Keri in a smaller Broomfield, heading to the Post Office with mom. It also happens to be great bookstore staffed by helpful, friendly folks. They offer discounts for teachers, and have a good sized collection of used titles that includes rare and collectable titles, and they have a section for the kiddos as well.

Purple Poppy – (Lafayette)  Their slogan is “Home decor and chick stuff galore!”  That sums it up perfectly.  Need a little something for the hostess?  Maybe a gift for that Mother/Sister/Friend/In-law that will really impresss?  PURPLE POPPY IS THE ANSWER!!  (Be warned – you won’t leave without finding something, or several somethings, for yourself as well.)

Little Horse Vintage – (Louisville) This is hands down our family’s favorite store – whenever the three of us walk in, we are walking out with something cool as hell.  Vinyl is king here, so if you want to to listen to your old scratchy faves you can find them here (or you can frame them for your office wall, like The Mr.)  My love of books cannot be contained by one store (hello English lit degree,) and Little Horse is my hook up for vintage pulp detective volumes and other finds with serious cool factor.   My awesome typing table was found there, as was the EXACT metal Peanuts lunch box that Dr Sissy and I had when we were little – which now sits in Jr’s room.  But don’t get me started about The Mr’s creepy-ass Owl lamp from there…  don’t blame the store, blame the (mildly drunk?) customer.

*More to come soon!