Local Love – Big Choice Brewing

We love craft beer.

Well, The Mr. LOVES craft beer.  I like a good beer, and I LOVE the craft beer community in Colorado.  It is an industry full of people who support and encourage their fellow craftspeople; the vast majority of whom are genuine, laid back, friendly, and wonderfully generous about sharing information and educating their consumers regarding the process and the product that they love.

Jr’s first family days out, when he was just a wee little doodle cozied down in his bucket carseat, were to Golden for brunch, a little window shopping, and some sun soaked relaxation in the Golden City Brewery beer garden.   We are very lucky in our beautiful state to have so many fantastic breweries to explore.

HOWEVER, Keri is a “where everybody knows your name” kind of gal when it comes right down to it, and we were sorely lacking a home base our first few months back in the old hometown.

Then we stumbled upon Big Choice Brewing’s booth at the annual town festival. BEER? In  BROOMFIELD?  And at Broomfield Days?  Things were looking up, yo.

Big Choice had actually opened their doors right around the time we were making our move into the burbs in spring/early summer 2012. (Divine intervention or just awesome timing?  I can’t say for sure…)

The Mr was hesitant as I instructed him through the industrial area where BC is located.  I, however, was sold instantly when I opened the door and Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies filled the space, followed by some old school Social D. It was like the place said  “slide off the tattoo-covering cardi and stay awhile, Keri – you are among your people now.”  Ahhhhhh.

For more about the back story on the awesome people who own and operate Big Choice, check out their website here, I will let them tell you their story.

Along with their affinity for the punk soundtrack of my teens and 20s, this place is also super  Jr. friendly – and not just because my kid’s wardrobe of pop punk band shirts is mad deep.  Every other Sunday they show a kid friendly movie on their big TV upstairs so kiddos can sprawl on the sofas and enjoy some popcorn and animated faves,  with trivia downstairs for the grown ups.  When we bring Jr’s booster seat and strap it to a chair and spread out the juicebox and goldfish crackers we have never felt anything less than 100% welcome.   They know their audience here.  Heck, they ARE that audience – Nathaniel and Andrea’s two bright, friendly offspring can be seen around the brewery, and sometimes even the family dog, Kenosha. (Who I want to snuggle, but won’t because nobody wants to be THAT girl.)

Here’s the thing that REALLY matters though.  The beer is good.  Like GOOOOOOOOD good.

I call the Disconnected Red my favorite liquid on the planet.  (A very big deal considering how I feel about wine.  And dirty martinis.  And Dr Pepper.)  I confess that when we go to a brewery for the first time, we leave the growler in the car, just in case we aren’t really feeling it after we sample a few.  Big Choice has consistently outstanding beers, from their regular repertoire to great seasonal beers (they are tapping a keg of Peppermint Stout every Friday in December.  Served in a glass rimmed with crushed candy canes.  Tasty stuff.)  Their motto is “Choose Wisely,” but you can’t go wrong with anything here.

These days the joint is hopping, and there are big things to come for and from this deserving team.

Disconnected Red and West Portal Colorado Common are both available in cans locally now, but with the friendly environment and great people at Big Choice, grab your growler(s) and take a field trip over to see them.

(I’m the blonde girl with the dice tattooed on her arm who is probably talking too loud while trying to cuddle Kenosha with my eyes.  Say hi.)   😉


Big Choice Brewing

7270 W 118th Pl, Broomfield, CO 80020


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5 responses to “Local Love – Big Choice Brewing

  1. Miss Lupulin

    First, you are hilarious. I am now addicted. Second, way to nail what makes Big Choice so awesome – it’s why I haul my lazy ass from Evergreen to come here (yes, here, I’m that creepy chick who totally eavesdropped on your convo with Andrea. Also, my phone changed Andrea to And Real, which proves my phone has gained sentience). Third, my boy and I NEVER bring the growler in on round one. It just leads to awkward situations. Anyway, you clearly rock, and not just because you like good beer. Cheers.

    • Awww, thanks for checking out the blog! It is AWESOME that you come from Evergreen to BC. They are totally commute-worthy. 🙂 See you there soon again, I am sure. 🙂

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