Holiday week recap, Google search ed.

What did the Thanksgiving holiday break look like for us, you ask? (Whatever, I’m going to pretend you did no matter what, so just go with it.)

I could get all long-winded, as is my usual tendency except no, wait, I can’t be cause the toddler timebomb has been sleeping without incident for about 90 minutes, meaning a coughing fit or diaper situation is due any moment, so….

Because we KNOW how heavily I rely on Google (If it didn’t result in a Google search, it didn’t really happen to me,) I give you a brief synopsis of my/our holiday “break”, as demonstrated by the topics of my Google search history:


3:45 pm-“Williams and Graham food menu” (planning happy hour snacking)

9:00 pm- “toddler vomiting”, “dehydration prevention in vomiting toddler” (returned from happy hour to find The Mr. cleaning up round 1 of a um, situation with Jr.)

10:20 pm- “preventing spread of gastritis in family members”, “probiotics for gastritis”


1:45 am – “dry heaving in children”

2:00 am – “2013 Holiday TV specials” (deliriously pissing away moments when Jr was finally sleeping and I should have been too, obviously.)

6:20 am- “ dehydration in toddlers,” “homemade pedilyte”

Noon-  “what to feed toddler who has been throwing up?”

2:00 pm – “Days of Our Lives holiday schedule” (yep, don’t leave me hanging, Brady.)

6:30 pm – “duration of gastritis in toddlers,” “how long is gastritis contagious?”


3:20 am – “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade 2013” (again, sleep when sick child sleeps, Keri. WTF?)

10:00 am – Google maps search of my Aunt’s address since we ALWAYS make a wrong turn getting to it

11:30 am – “gentle foods to eat with an upset stomach”

3:50 pm –  NEW Google maps search of my Aunt’s address while in The Mr’s car, since we missed the turn AGAIN


9:30 am – “Steuben’s”  (needed opening time.  Mama needed some city time and some Fried Chicken while Jr soaked in some grandma love from NeNe.)

12:40 pm – “GottaRubIt BBQ” (checking menus for Food Truck Dinner.  Roll Klassy with Keri at the craft brewery.)


8:15 am – “Louisville Colorado Small Business Saturday”  (thought maybe a little shopping)

10:00 am  – “treating diarrhea in toddlers” (that’s a big NO on the shopping)

11:20 am – “Ohio State Michigan 2013” (So I Married a Buckeye.  Needed to follow score to gauge The Mr’s moods)

8:45 pm – “home remedies for coughing in toddlers”

11:20 pm – “ABC Familys 25 days of Christmas” (seriously…  SLEEP NOW KERI)


1:10 am – “dry cough in toddlers,” “dehydration in toddlers” (I am a re-googler.  Why remember when you can regoogle?)


That is where we are now.  We have run the gammit from barfing to pooing to hacky cough, all of which have Jr and Keri sleeping badly.

BUT – we did finally manage to make it to my Aunt’s, have some turkey and some family time, and make it home with no issues.  We put up the tree and watched a lot of pre-school holiday TV episodes, and it looks like Jr is going to be well enough to head back to school tomorrow, (as long as the night goes ok.)

Maybe his mom can take a break from Googling his whole wide world.

At least until planning for the Christmas trip to Texas starts.

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