Don’t Blink


As the Mr. is snoring away upstairs at the moment, I find myself much as I was 2 years ago at this time – reclining on the sofa, fuzzy-warm ball of pooch curled in the bend of my legs, snoozing quietly smushed against me. Only 2 years ago, as I drifted off, pleasantly full of Pasquinis, Pillow Pet wedged under my 37 weeks pregnant bump, supported and cradled by the sofa-back, I had no idea that my next trip to the loo would change everything. I thought that ‘pop’ was Jr giving me a little nudge from in there, objecting to my getting us up from our comfy spot.

Binky-the-wonder-dog barely blinked when I exclaimed “Oh!” I looked at him – “did my water just break?” He sighed and repositioned himself on his end of the sofa. I did what any reasonable, educated mother-to-be would do.
I googled “did my water just break?” Google- not as cute as my dog, but way more informative in this situation.
Then stuff and things happened: Blah, blah, hilarious drive to hospital with The Mr. running lights while I expressed pain in increasingly horrifying ways…. yadda yadda, crawling into L&D like Gollum across the floor, requiring mucho assistance from The Mr. to remove skinny maternity jeans while speaking in tongues….. bibbitty bobbity exorcist anesthesiologist arrives and I reclaim my composure through the magic of drugs and stop asking to be hit over the head with a frying pan; and 12 plus not short hours later, after just the smallest application of the glorified salad tongs, Tah-Dah -Jr.!!
And a minute later he came home, and the next hour he smiled, rolled over, sat up…. and the next morning he was eating puffs and had a mouthful of teeth, and that afternoon he went from doing his infamous bootie-scoot to a few steps and then a run. I turned away a second and he was 1 year old, and we were packing his things and moving from the cozy nursery in his first home and into The Casa, and now a few short days from then he is talking like he gets paid to do it and will be driving the car and leaving for college next week.

No? Ok- but that is how these past 2 years have felt. 2 years ago I was just as I am now, couch and dog and snoozing in front of the TV. Just a few hours away from absolutely everything.


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