Balance vs Bigger Pants.




Someone who revolves life around eating and drinking the way I do has two choices, the way I see it:

  1. Do some exercise to keep things burning and keep plowing through the calories
  2. Keep having to buy bigger pants

Each of these options has treated me well at various stages in the life of Keri.

Each of them has also done me mega-wrong at some point as well.

Since I have really cute pants in the line-up just now, and since (in spite of my constant allusions to it being so suburbany-stupid-big,) I could conceivably run out of room in my closet if I keep going the new pants route, incorporating some purposeful movement into things tends to win out lately.

Prior to the arrival of Jr., I was the “go to the gym to work out” type. Spinning and Deep Water Aerobics were favorite classes, and it all happened at 5:30 am at the fitness center attached to the university where I worked, leaving me plenty of time to put myself together in the cushy locker area and trot across the street to start my work day.

Maybe it is the three years of intermittent sleep-deprivation that came as a free-gift-with-purchase with Jr., but I look back now and think “How the HELL did I ever get anywhere by 5:30 am? How did I not fall off that bike more? (Side note, I actually did fall of that bike once. It was spectacularly embarrassing and to this day I blame faulty padding in my cushy-assed bike shorts, but whatever. )

There is no working the family schedule with that kind of sitch at this point anyway, so I don’t have to pretend that sounds even remotely appealing anymore.

Last year I did a membership to the rec center located close to us, and worked my visits into midday hours when Jr is ensconced at day care or hanging with NeNe-the-wonder-grandma.

Fitting in was not something that really happened for me there. I opted out of another year of that.

When it isn’t snot-freezing cold or swass-inducing hot, (Google it,)  it is nice to take it outside into the Colorado sunshine (although my outdoor activity reputation does lean more toward the “happy hour on the patio” variety, I confess.)

HOWEVER, at this point, the option that sees the most action in my suburban existence is the vast selection of OnDemand workouts courtesy of cable TV. With baby monitor in hand, dressed in jammies, in the semi-dark of the 6a.m. living room, and with nobody to judge me but the dog. (Which he does harshly, if the volume of his sighs is any indication. I swear I’ve seen him roll his eyes a few times.)

The unintended bastardisation of the demonstrated movements that takes place during these early morning displays is nothing shy of mortifying, I am sure.

If The Mr. ever wants to win big on America’s Funniest Home Videos or achieve viral YouTube success, capturing one of those sessions would get him quickly to his goal. :::making mental note to check for cameras in living room:::

BE THAT AS IT MAY – I have found some selections that have kicked my ass, leaving me dripping and panting and finding ways to use muscles I didn’t know I even had.

My ridiculously uncoordinated exhibitions are over-and-done-with before the rest of the fam is even starting to stir, and I am on my way to planning my day based heavily on what to eat (and what to wash it down with.)

No muss, no fuss.

No witnesses.


Now, let’s get nachos, yes?


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64 responses to “Balance vs Bigger Pants.

  1. Nachos sound good but doesn’t it take time to make these? How about a yummy fruit shake?

    • Must chew food to be happy. BUT, now a side of fruit sounds good with my nachos! A little sweet and juicy to offset the cheesy spicy nacho-y-ness a bit. Oh yeah.

  2. Can I get a margarita with those nachos? Glad to have discovered this post and your food blog. Looking forward to more.

    • Can I get an AMEN about that margarita! Now you are speaking my language. Look forward to seeing you around here!

      • YUP. Agreed on all counts. Pants. Nachos. Margarita.
        So happy to have found this blog. You guys seem to speak my language.

        Also: I have a kid and know FOR A FACT that you are wonder woman for getting up at 5:30am EVER voluntarily let alone on a consistent basis. Kudos.

      • Nachos, Margarita, WONDER WOMAN OUTFIT… these are all things I need for after (maybe during) the early workouts. I like it. 🙂
        Thanks for the comment, looking forward to seeing you around Reluctantly Suburban.

  3. I had a stroke twelve years ago My weight was high and matched my blood pressure. The stroke made me lose a hundred pounds and change my diet. No sugar if possible, limited amount of salt, no soda or fruity drinks. It took months but I am down in weight. My last physical showed that I went back into the normal range on a ton of things. Weight, unnatural weight, hurts the body. I wish to convey that.

  4. I’m at that point as well where I seriously have to make a decision. So it looks like 6 am zumba in my living room starting Monday. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Solidarity! Just know that somewhere out there, Keri is possibly tipping over out of a “grapevine” sequence on Monday morning as you Zumba your way into keeping the pants you already have. 🙂 Thanks for stopping over at Reluctantly Suburban!

  5. Gabe

    You do what you want honey. Bookmarked

  6. I like how you write. Very breezy and easy to read. And as a mother with a young child, I feel you. Well done.

  7. I share this never ending battle with you…. I love food… I hate not being able to fit into my pants… I don’t want to budge on either…. arghhhh so hard! If you find a magic solution, please let me know! : )

  8. This is hilarious and raw. I’m currently in my 20s, so in the burn it off stage— glad that I am able to see the evolution of my future self. Thanks!

  9. I wish I was motivated to work out for more inspired motivations, but food truly is the main reason. Envisioning the delish pizza planned for later this evening is the only way I get through a Jillian Michaels DVD (which I also do around 6a in my living room, clumsily, sweatily, and pizza dreamingly).

  10. Oh Lordy! That pants vs. food thing. Half my jeans sit in the closet waiting for me to squish myself into them again. I refuse to buy new ones until I can. This hasn’t worked for the last year, though I don’t have to pay big bucks to get new jeans with holes in them since my old ones are growing their own.

  11. My god you’re funny, and I am definitely not being sarcastic. Love your style!

  12. melwakeman

    Love your writing! I totally get this, my little one is 2 next month. I used to be like an iron woman, now I’m lucky if I have the energy to do the ironing!

  13. Ha!! A great read… 🙂

  14. Pam

    I’ve gained 26 pounds in 6 months but don’t know why. I’m a healthy eater; have no desire for junk food, sweets, processed foods. Suggestions as to why I may have gained all of this weight and how to shed these pounds would be greatly appreciated. It has me in a real funk. thanks.

    • Hi Pam. Weight changes can be so mysterious and SO frustrating! I’m sorry you are struggling with that right now. I think I would contact my physician if I was experiencing a significant change in weight that seemed to come from nowhere. A doctor check to see if there is an underlying medical cause, and use the findings to help make a plan. Take good care.

      • Pam

        Does anyone have any suggestions as to why someone would gain 26 lbs who is a healthy eater, no junk food, sweets, etc. Doctor can’t find anything wrong or out of whack; in fact all tests came back excellent. Also, how can I get rid of it fast! Thanks everyone!!!

  15. Food, glorious food. Leggings are always a winner!
    p.s I’ve nominated your blog (because I love it) for a Liebster Award. Check it out here:

  16. sikolakjengkol

    Reblogged this on Batok kelapa.

  17. tashweeny

    Just today I came to the conclusion of either going up a dress size or dieting and exercising. So the fact you’re a full time Mum and you not only find the time but the motivation is something I will remind myself of when I’m having a ‘Oh that slither of cake won’t count’ or ‘It won’t make a difference if I miss ONE workout session’. So thank you and good luck! 🙂

    • I focus on the cake while I do the workout…
      mmmmm cake.
      (Damn, now I want cake. Better pick a LONG video tomorrow morning so I can chase some cake down in the afternoon! )

  18. Love this. We just joined the gym today and my husband and I were excited about being able to eat more, “diet” less. I’ve put on 60lbs from what I believe is health problems but could very well be from my love of food. I used to get up before 4 am religiously 3 days a week in high school and around 5 for swim practice. I kept it up for months after my final year of swimming. Now I’m so mad if I get woken up before 8. While joining the Y I made sure they had child care and lap swim at 10. Make sure I get to sleep, exercise and finally feel free to eat without guilt! Loved your post! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yay for the Y!!! I do miss my deep water aerobics with the drill sergeant instructor- she was amazing and I LOVE being in the water… but you do what works when you can work it, eh? 🙂

      • Eh! Haha. I have high hopes. My daughter has not adapted to being without me and I have great fears of jumping in the water and having a child worker come tell me to get my screaming child! I have only done water aerobics once in all my swimming career and it was the hardest thing I ever did! I can’t imagine it deep water, we’d do water polo for “fun” my coach would say. It really makes you work things you didn’t know existed. I’ll have to look for a class like that when my daughter has hopefully adapted to childcare!

  19. denealwilliamson

    I liked this – I liked this a lot 🙂

  20. Option C: Just get really fat like Homer Simpson did in episode 135 of The Simpsons to get out of work! :-p

  21. I’m a working mom and can totally relate. Hard to find time for exercise but it’s necessary since I am a big eater as well. Yoga pants are put on for inspiration to work out….right after coffee. Zumba helps as well to see a hot instructor then continue the party w/ food. Wonderful post!

  22. love the blog!
    Please check out my new blog on low-sugar baking and healthy eating!

  23. Desire

    Well as is evident from my blog, I am food obsessed! BUT, I am dieting and losing weight eating what I love. Rather a little of what I love, than a lot of what I don’t. Love your blog!

  24. Actually, if you add plenty of veggies and good protein to those nachos, you could make the argument that they’re healthy! LOL. And I’ll gladly join ya for the nachos, provided I can have a virgin strawberry daiquiri on the side.
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! Have fun.

  25. Reblogged this on maddhineshthoughts and commented:
    watch out your pant size

  26. marjdesius

    I was about to go for some sugar snack and fell on that ♡♥♡♥

  27. This post resonated so much, especially because I recently wrote about working out to fit into clothing ( As a fellow foodie and margarita afficionado, I totttalllly get it.
    Our neighbors just had a baby and though I am not yet a parent, I keep imagining how a baby/todldler/child is going to affect my sleep and schedule and fitness routine, due to the very near new presence of their wee one. I don’t know how you do it, but keep it up!!

  28. wow, congrats on getting up so early!!! I would totally fall of the bike or the tread mill every single time!

  29. I admire anyone who can exercise before the sun comes up, or even a few hours after. I’m good to stumble to the kitchen for coffee. I’m more of a late afternoon and evening exercise person. During the heat if summer, I’ve also been known to run at 9 pm.

  30. There is a raw vegan recipe for nachos. it’s healthy and won’t add unnecessary pounds or guilt.

  31. Yes, move, move, eat, eat. Repeat.

  32. frankdealba

    i been working out for about almost 5 years, and i like to experience different things with my body. example ill try different kinds of diets just to see how my body reacts to these different diets. As a result every body is different not all diets are the same for every body, one of the diets that i tried was called kitoses.

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