Maude and Daddy. Daddy and Maude.

Have we talked about these people?

They do retirement like CHAMPS too!

I know we have…  but I kind of can’t do it enough.

I am lucky enough to call them Mom and Dad… (or actually “Maude” and “Daddy,” because they are so awesome that you have to extend the names to fit in more awesomeness.)

Today they are celebrating 49 years of wedded bliss.  And by “bliss” I mean 49 years of better, worse, sickness, health, joy, pain, windfalls, disappointments, pride, shame, mountains (literal and metaphorical,) valleys (ditto,) growth, death, laughter, tears, and all of the other messy, amazing, awful, wonderful stuff that makes up  a life together.

(That isn’t even counting the things that these two stunningly attractive and brilliant people have managed to throw their way since they stumbled into the two-for-one special  by checking “multiples OK” on the adoption application.)

Bouncing baby girls… such lucky parents.

It doesn’t matter what else I accomplish in this beyond-blessed life of mine – getting to be their daughter, and strive to put the level of work and love and commitment into my marriage and family that they have always shown for each other and for my sister and me will always be a source of pride and of inspiration for me.

Writing about them fills my heart as quickly as it fills a page:

I love to talk about how strong my mom is, and how fiercely loves.

Or how grateful I am that my dad’s heart got a little upgrade so he could use it to love his grandkids as much as he has always loved us.

Bragging about how proud I am of both of them is as easy as opening my eyes each morning.

The truth is – I could write about them every day and never scratch the surface of their story.

It’s all the little details that make it  mean so much… that make up a life.

I am so happy and proud to wish them Happy Anniversary.

Every day I think I couldn’t love them more.  Every day I find a way to.

Happy Anniversary, Maude and Daddy, all my best stories are about you.


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2 responses to “Maude and Daddy. Daddy and Maude.

  1. Maude

    Love our Close family too.

  2. So very special. I’m happy for you!

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