My Daddy


So that’s me in the bed, snacking down on ice chips after Jr. was born. Jr is the burrito situation with the smooshie face and beanie.
The guy holding Jr the Burrito? That’s my daddy. “Pop” to his grandkiddos.

This has been a pretty big Father’s Day weekend for him. On Thursday – also known as his twin daughters’ 37th late 20ish birthday (oh gawd… old,) – he had a valve replaced in his heart that was even more in need of it than we realized before his docs got in there.
Here we are together again in that same hospital where Jr was born, but he’s the one who gets to lay down this time.


My parents are pretty much the cutest thing EVAH. Married at 18, together through an amazing amount of life’s challenges, lucky enough to have adopted twin girls at 6 weeks old (ok, it is my sister and I who were the lucky ones… we got the BEST parents.)

And my dad?  My daddy? There aren’t words… I saw him in that bed when they let my mom and me in to his ICU room before he was awake after surgery, and a lifetime of moments flashed through my mind: two blond-haired little girls each up on a knee at the breakfast table while he read the funnies to us; hilarious impromptu tripple jump competitions in the back yard where he let us win and treated us to a Snickers bar from the Circle K as a prize; hearing him chaining up his plumbing van to go fix someone’s heat in the wee hours of cold, snowy winter nights; the time he came banging on the window of my first serious boyfriend’s car in his bathrobe after we sat just a little too long; the road  trip we took with two of my friends to visit West Texas A&M my Jr year; countless rodeos and country concerts and farm team hockey games he and I went to; his trademark daddy spin as he walked me up the isle to marry The Mr; all the moments I have watched Jr filled with pure baby glee playing with Pop; and a billion other memories of him and our family.

This Father’s Day we are celebrating the new ticking portion of his heart, and everything it means for him and everything he means to all of us.

I am so glad we get to keep him…. this daddy’s girl knows how very lucky she is.

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy, The Mr, and all the Daddys out there. Thanks for all the little and big things you do for your kids and grandkids every day!

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  1. Jes

    I am so glad your daddy will be around for many more memories – for you and the little guy too. Now off to find the Kleenex…

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