It’s all too much. Just Sayin’.

So, hypothetically, you maybe  handled your small child’s last (very recent) independence milestone with bacon and weeping a scouch less grace than you perhaps could’ve .
If said small child decides just 2 short days later that he wants to, say, give up his beloved “bubbie” (pacifier) by stuffing it into the back of a Build-a-Bear and letting the nice lady operating the fluff pumper (heh heh) sew that bear up while he looks on proudly?
Make any excuse you have to, just get yourself a cushion of time between those events.
Otherwise you WILL cry in the Build-a-Bear and buy that Bubbie Bear every damn superhero costume the store offers, and then walk down the mall to the California Pizza Kitchen to day drink Chardonnay at “lunch” while Jr gives an impromptu Bear Justice League fashion show waiting for his chicken fingers.


Just Sayin’.

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