Local Love – Comida

I chase taco trucks.

Actually, “truck” is too restrictive a term.

I should include wagons, carts, RVs….  Hell there was one guy with a cooler in his trunk that used to stand in the parking lot on campus when I was in undergrad – I was a total sucker for his special version of steak tacos– which were folded over deep-fried flour tortillas filled with steak, grilled onion, cheese, and insanely spicy salsa, all wrapped up in foil pockets and piled in a cooler where they got kind of chewy as they steamed together.  (I miss you taco dude.  So much.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love any kind of food truck, and the front range has so many amazing offerings it boggles the mind.  But if you have tacos on board?  Chances are you see a lot of Keri.

I stalk them on social media, plan errands so I “happen” to be in the area they are parking for lunch that day, and end up taking extra laps around the neighborhood reservoir in response to “that incident with the taco truck for lunch yesterday.”  (One is never enough.  Or two.  Or three….  Need. More. Tacos.)

When it comes to the taco truck – there is no better, more mouth-watering, more delicious, more AWESOMELY perfect example than Comida’s.     I have an actual physical reaction when I see Tina (the truck)  in all her hot pink beauty shining in the Colorado sunshine – my heart speeds up, I get butterflies in my tummy.  My arm starts automatically flailing for my wallet.

Sadly, sometimes you just can’t go running all over town chasing down a moving lunch.  Sometimes you want to linger in a comfy chair in a climate controlled building while eating.  Mostly always Sometimes tacos without a margarita just sounds too sad to comprehend.

Here is where Comida ups their awesome right off the charts.  In 2012 the good people behind the great taco truck opened their first Cantina in the Prospect neighborhood of Longmont.  All my favorite taco truck treats (say it twice – fun to say,) PLUS more amazing menu items, PLUS booze.  You had me at “booze.” Sold.  The Prospect Cantina celebrated 2 delicious years in business just last week!

I can’t get enough.  My only problem here is option anxiety.  If the idea of keeping my order down to a reasonable number of items seems impossible at the window of their truck, it is a concept that doesn’t even have space in my head at the cantina.  I have to have the jicama and cucumber…. And the chips and guac….  And the arrachera taco(s)…. Oh, but the tortas – I HAVE to have the “sirloin situation” torta….   It gets out of control, and I am not even ashamed. (Just full.  Really full.) The food is creative and fun and prepared perfectly – off the truck or off the line at one of the Cantinas (A second Cantina location at The Source in RiNo opened in Fall of 2013.)  It is no secret that Keri is very much in the “food is love” camp, and this food?  In this food, there is most definitely love.

So….  do I stalk the truck or motor up 287 for tacos today?


The full Comida website

Comida on Twitter

Comida on Facebook

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