“Walk-ing. You know, Walking?” Just Sayin’.

The temperature has finally started to creep up from the range where I am forced to use random exclamations in the place of a good cuss, and so I walked the short distance to the store to grab a couple of items yesterday.

When the express lane attendant started to bag my purchases, I unzipped my backpack and said “Oh, I’ll just stick those in here, I am walking.”

This statement is almost the rule, and NOT the exception at the grocery store where Urban Keri shopped, and certainly not any big deal.

Suburban checker lady looked at me like I was on fire, actually burning there while standing in front of her.

I took the milk from her hand and put it into the backpack, raising my eyebrows in a kind of “see how this works?” expression.

Not so much.

I walked away, resisting the urge to sarcastically tell her that my minivan was in the shop.


Just Sayin’.

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