….back at the Mess er, Ranch, this was the scene in the kitch tonight.


Those would be my Daddy’s (yes I am old, yes it is still “Daddy,” he earned the title, he gets it forever,) legs sticking out from our as-of-now-still-ugly cabinets, as he unhooks the plumbing to get us ready for new counters tomorrow.
That’s another fun little tid bit about my life here then and now, my family owns an old and very well-respected plumbing company in these parts.  Couldn’t be prouder of who I am – the plumber’s daughter is one part of my identity I never struggled with.
And it is always fun to tisk-tisk at your friends as you climb under their sink to unclog the disposal they crammed with celery. (I’m very handy at parties.)
It will be good to get an actual “after” picture to go with the “before” shots coming out of this joint lately.
I just hope to hell the installers don’t make a scene in the circle this time.

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