Mirrors should be small – Just Sayin’.

When you are living stacked up on top of other humans, bathrooms tend to be, ummmm, economicly sized. This seems like a bad thing,  I suppose.
But with small bathrooms come small mirrors.

With, say, CRAZY large suburban master baths, for instance, come giagantic oversized mirrors. 
Mirrors that might be placed directly across from the all-glass shower.
Mirrors that offer a shockingly full view of/to an unprepared occupant of said shower, who MAY be still working off the baby weight from her son’s birth two years not-that-long ago.
This view could cause said occupant to whip herself around and fling a blob of conditioner into her own eye (and maybe her slack-jawed mouth a little too.)

Nothing wrong with a small bathroom.

Just Sayin’.

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