Perky? Jerky. Just Sayin’.

Oh hey there, extremely chipper coworker.

Why yes, it IS my first day back in the office after our holiday trip.

“Isn’t it good to be home,”  you ask?

Actually, the flight was delayed so we were uber late getting in, half my department seems to have blown up in time it took that plane to get back here, my suitcase is still sitting where it exploded all over the living room last night so I could find Jr’s special new toy he HAD TO sleep with, oh and evidently I haven’t even a prayer of wrapping up a bunch of random year end stuff I didn’t know existed until now.

So I am going to need you to take the perky from a 10 to a 2, ASAP, or I’m going to send a photocopy of my tush to everyone in the office and sign it “Happy Moon Year!” with your name.


Just Sayin’.

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