Sorry, snackie. Just Sayin’.

Jr’s snack cup of Cheerios and Golden Grahams got left on top of the car today as we motored off to school.
I never did find it, but I assume it lept to it’s shattering demise fairly early on our route- it wasn’t grippy on the bottom or anything.
He protested loudly when I realized what happened and confessed it to him around the midway point on our journey.
Here’s the thing – I am not trying to deflect blame, truly I know my part in this woeful tale of his snackless travels.
HOWEVER,  I do think if Mommy wasn’t  at her best this morning, and a bit scatter-brained, it MAY have been because she got called from sleep at 3:49 a.m. to help a certain tiny person who just HAD TO have a rather doddling  poo-session in the glow of his Snoopy night light. It may also have something to do with her “sleeping” the remainder of the wee small hours of the morning on a pile of pillow pets in a heap on the floor next to said tiny person’s bed, while he snoozed peacefully, keeping one hand on her for security.


Just Sayin’.

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