That’s NA’CHO cheese, people! Just Sayin’.

So this morning we were running late.  You know this is not exactly breaking news in the life of Keri.

Half way to Jr’s school we hit the ONE light I can NEVER get through without waiting out a really long red light.   “Christmas In Dixie” was on Country Christmas, so I was explaining to Jr how this song probably came out when Mommy was his age. He was ignoring me and snacking down waffles  totally enthralled with my story.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the lady in the silver minivan who had been behind me (and driving kinda crazy, I thought to myself, but no big shock there, :::eyeroll:::) had pulled alongside me and put her passenger window down.  She seemed to want my attention (who doesn’t?) so I rolled down my window.

“There is cheese coming off of your car!!!”  She gestured back behind us as if to show something flying from her vehicle.

I turned down the Alabama “Come again!?”  I responded.

“CHEESE!!!  STRING CHEESE IS COMING OFF THE ROOF OF YOUR CAR!!!” She yelled as the light turned and she began rolling up her window as she pulled away. “CHEESE!”

Now I can’t lie.  The idea of cheese coming off of my car is not an entirely new concept to me – cheesey incidents have occurred in the past.  But what in the world could she be talking about today?

She is crazy – the only cheese I have TOUCHED this morning was the pack I grabbed for Jr’s and my sna……

“THE CHEESE!!  THE CHEESE IS ON THE ROOF, BUDDY!!”  I exclaimed as we (thankfully,) pulled into the subdivision where Jr’s school is located.  He dropped his waffle in horror – “No cheese mommy!?”

I pulled over, clamored out, and felt along the roof of the latest MUV.  Yep – mostly empty (had been full) open bag of string cheese.


Guess I accidentally poured one out up the Blvd for the cheese-lovin’ homies of the North Burbs that have gone before me.

ALWAYS check your roof, yo.

Just sayin’.



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