10 years.

10 years ago today, I became The Mr’s Mrs.
Outside of a perfect little farmhouse, just down a little back road from my hometown.  It really was perfect, and I had a feeling we would choose it, although I looked EVERYWHERE in the city for a venue that I felt a connection with.
Oh Lordy how I did not want to have our wedding a-way out here in nowheresville.

Except there was this place.  This place where we held the prom I helped plan my Junior year in high school.  This place with a real connection and history in the state I love so dearly.  It had big trees to shade our special day on beautiful grounds that would welcome our guests with views of the mountains so close they could see the tree-tops running up the hillsides (the Texan contingent eats that up, yo.)

Nothing I could find in the city topped it. I stopped hiding it and showed The (future) Mr, and he loved it too.

Done and done.  The place was the only thing I was picky about….  caterer and photog and music and dress.. it all fell into place after we found the venue.

So 10 years ago today (after a spectacular amount wee little bit of wine at the rehearsal dinner outside of Boulder, ) I got up at the crack of dawn to let the hairdresser and my BFF into my parents’ house, giggled as said BFF got an eyefull of my favorite cousin scratching his rump as he stretched off last night’s wine (my partner in crime, ) and loaded into my Daddy’s Tahoe for the 5 minute drive to the site.
I was nervous.  I mean, good nervous, but nervous.

But in we went.  My girls gathered round, getting me in my dress, taping my sleeves on (I even covered up most of my tattoos for that day- you’re welcome, honey,) and freshening my mimosa.
In the shadow of my hometown watertower, down the steps I used to enter and exit my prom, I clung to my Daddy’s arm and manuvered down onto the pavers and across the lawn on a beautiful sunny Fall morning, toward forever.

-The Rent-a-Reverand said the wrong name,(as in “do you Name of my oldest guy friend who had just done a reading, NOT The Mr’s name, take Keri to be your. .. what? OH SORRY ABOUT THAT! …”

-The buffet was subject to major bottlenecking due to where it was set up (for what it’s worth, the bar was not. Priorities. )

-It was the first (and last) time we danced together (Mistifies Me by Son Volt) and it probably looked like it.

-I can’t 2 step in a white ball gown (sorry, brother in law.)

-as we drove off waving, our driver admited she couldn’t get the champagne open, so The Mr jumped out, 100 feet from our “big send off” and wrenched the top off.

– I am sure other crazy stuff happened, but the whole day seemed to go by in about 3 minutes and then we were in the bridal suite and I was screeching and making my new spouse rip my industrial strength fashion taped sleeves off my arms “QUICK LIKE A BANDAID! NOW!”

It was perfect.

And here we are. 10 years later.
He makes me laugh. He makes me crazy. He leaves me dumbfounded
  He makes me proud.

“No one mystifies me like you do.”

The next ten years should be one hell of a ride, if the first 10 are any indication. 

Happy anniversary, honey.

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