Cue the theme from “The Odd Couple”

Yesterday was a textbook example of what Mr. Rogers must have meant by “a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

Sun shining, birds chirping, green things starting to poke their way up through the winter mulch as neighbors cleared away the layers in gardens and planters.


After a morning of playing at the park with Jr (and making nice with the other moms and kiddos- because Keri really is capable of being a nice lady, I swear,) we headed back to the house to find The Mr just finishing a lovely washing of his new ride.  If the previous Mr Mobile was “the Jeep he treated like a Bentley,” that would make this latest ride “the brand spankin’ new Jeep he treats like an M-F’in’ G6.”  It is no secret that The Mr. and I have decidedly different ideas about what is important in car-keeping.


Since the MUV was in need of some de-dirt-ifying as well Jr and The Mr headed into the back yard while I got started washing my whip.  Except Jr was feeling very “mom-centric” yesterday and before I could even get my sponge soapy, I had 2 helpers out in the front with me.  And by “helpers” I mean 1 who wanted to  sweep, but only in the middle of the street, and one who wanted to supervise and offer judge-y “tisk” noises at my technique.

Um. No thank you.

To keep The Mr. from pulling a muscle “tisk tisking” and throwing “is she kidding me with that scrubby technique” looks, and to contain the toddler, I handed over my bucket and hose to my husband and let him have at it.  After all, it just needed a quick little scrub and rinse of the outside.

See that last part?  Yeah…  I should have known.  20 minutes later all of the doors of the MUV were wide open in the driveway, and the entire contents (which is kind of substantial, I confess,) was on the ground while The Mr picked through the piles with a GARBAGE BAG poised in one hand.


I rummaged through the “trash” to find art projects, work papers, and memos from Jr’s teachers, and started stuffing hoodies , toys, snack containers and everything else we use every day back into my car.


BACK AWAY FROM THE MOM UTILITY VEHICLE.   After telling him to return the Tupperware lid to the bin on the floorboard (while Jr indignantly asked over and over again “why does daddy have my steering wheel?”)  I managed to get things back where they belonged, and get my car parked in the garage and locked where he couldn’t Felix Unger the situation up any more.

However, this morning as we loaded in to head for day care, NOTHING was where it should be.

“MY BLANKET!!” Objected Jr, as I dug  for his beloved dinosaur lap cover, LIGHTYEARS away from where it should have been located for easy use.

When he sneezed and I reached for my supply of extra napkins in the door? Alas, those were victims of The Mr’s trash bag.

A coffee cup bobble resulted in an actual spill, as there was no old copy of Boulder Weekly on the passenger side floor board to absorb it.

Extra “bubby” (pacifier) in the cup holder for when “I don’t want to go to school” clinginess ensued?  No where to be found.


Jr and I worked hard laying in those supplies.

I begrudgingly confess that there was a layer of baby supplies that he removed that we don’t really need, and it did free up space.  But it is very begrudgingly.

Because we need our stuff, yo.

I mean, really.

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