Local Love: Burritos To Go.

Burritos To Go is a Broomfield institution.
People throw terms like “institution” and “tradition” kind of willy-nilly at this point, but I am not one of those people.
B.T.G. has been around since old lady hip-mom-Keri was awkward-high-school-freshman-Keri. (Pause for inevitable jokes and chuckles about Keri being older than town institutions.  And also possibly fire.)

Burritos to Go and its beloved owner Cindy Lamontagne are woven into the heart of this town – it is one of those places that retains a small town feeling in a suburb and an area that is rapidly expanding.  A glance through B.T.G.’s Facebook page demonstrates the kind of relationship this small storefront has with the town – relaxed and easy-going, engaged and caring.

The name is partially accurate- everything here is indeed “to go”  Step  1: order at the counter. Step 2: receive delicious food packed up to take with you. Except in between steps 1 and 2 is lots of friendly, genuine interaction with Cindy.
Andplusalso- the menu is much more than just burritos!! (Three words: Kettle Chip Nachos. Bless my soul.)
Peruse the menu on their website. They are ready and willing to add liquid cheese to anything – which speaks to Keri’s inner high schooler in powerful ways.
But I’m not just waxing nostalgic because I’m in breakfast burrito withdrawal.  The woman who, for so many of us, IS Burritos to Go needs some of the same caring that she has given through the years.
Cindy has been hospitalized for most of January. For more information and one way to help, please take a moment to read this.
In the mood for some tasty pizza ? Lombardi’s Pizzeria is donating a portion of sales through February 2nd to assist with Cindy’s care as well. Locally owned places helping each other out = the best of what local can and should be.
Or stop in to B.T.G. and grab a burrito – there is no better way to show support than by enjoying the Broomfield institution that she created.

I’m thinking burrito for lunch and pizza for dinner myself.   Mmmmm. (Eating for a good cause is one of my special superpowers – stand back!)

Get better soon, Cindy. Broomfield loves you!
Burritos to Go
1050 E. 10th Ave.
Broomfield 80020


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