It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chis… WTF!?

Thanksgiving is next week.
In keeping with my fairly predictable tendency toward unpopular opinions, I am of the mind that a Christmas Tree or some festive winter garland on the mantle makes Turkey day that much more festive. What the heck, deck those halls, people.

HOWEVER, a trend I find semi-alarming is taking hold around the subdivision: uber-early outdoor holiday illumination.

All around the streets and along the greens of the golf course and beside the pocket parks, lights are tracing the roof-lines and bedazzling the shrubbery of our sprawling neighborhood. The moment the jack o’ lanterns and (creepy-but-not-for-the-reason-they-meant) fakey tombstones disappeared, up on the housetop went the (plastic) reindeer paws. Like November 1st.

Like whoa.

I’ve discerned that the reasons for the sharp uptick in horrifically early decorating are most likely twofold:

1. The onslaught of flyers left on doors and sent in the mail advertising earlybird discounts on pro lighting hangers (is that what you call them?) if you have your installation errected -heh heh- prior to Thanksgiving.
These people like their lights, they just don’t like to hang them. Or pay full price.

2. The property management company’s decision to start sticking garland and holly-like plastic-y stuff up on every sign and lamp post they can chase down beginning at like 11:59 pm on Oct 31st.
I know you manage a lot of territory, but COME ON. It’s a slippery G.D. slope, folks!!! The masses are watching, and falling prematurely in line.

I actually kind of get all of that.
I would make Clark Griswold look like a savvy veteran if I tried to decorate the outside of The Casa, AND I totally get the whole “when in Rome, decorate when the Romans do” thing, AND I do love a bargin.

Really. I get it.

But here’s the thing, people:
Just because the lights are up does not mean you have to turn them on.
‘Tis not quite the season to be Fa la la-ing in the festive light of your glowing assortment of inflatables.

Why, neighbors?

As Hermie tells Rudolph when hiding from the Bumble – Douse the light!


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3 responses to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chis… WTF!?

  1. Jes N

    I stick by the old Denver tradition of lights up through Stock Show (I do take other things down) so putting them up before Thanksgiving is way too early. I do understand attaching lights to the roof before the snows come, but just don’t turn them on, people! I love Christmas lights, but I refuse to even look at them until after Thanksgiving.

  2. Yesterday Scott said “all the neighbors have up wreaths and garland” and I, of course, replied “if they all jumped off a bridge, would you follow?”.

    Putting up lights when it’s warm – I get that. But you still don’t have to flip the switch.

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