Option anxiety. Just Sayin’.

Reclining on the sofa in front of the Today Show as Jr. (miraculously,) sleeps in allowing my to drink an entire cup of weekend-so-creamer-allowed coffee, I find myself overwhelmed.
Extra day off = chance to do ANYTHING. A little hike in the foothills? (Risky – traffic coming out of them thar hills will be a bitch.)
Shopping and lunch with Jr.? (Labor Day sales hounds scare me a little, and we are in a toddler-grab-everything phase.)
Pool day; Taste of Colorado; Splash pad; Zoo; Tiny Town; Picnic at the park; Museum of Nature and Science; Aquarium;  Tattered Cover Books – THE MIND REELS!!  

Woooo.  Plotting a free day is shockingly exhausting.

:::::Blowing up baby pool::::::

Let’s just run around the back yard and toss some stuff on the grill, k? (Just let me rest for a minute.)

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