Worst. Ninja. EVER. Just Sayin’.

If any sort of hidden camera footage existed of me doing my “cough syrup ninja” maneuver into Jr’s room to slip him a dose that (hopefully) kicks in BEFORE he wakes up, it would be youtube viral nerdtastic gold.
Medicine syringe dropper between teeth like Pepe le Pew with a rose for his love; flannel pants hitched  WAY up to avoid tripping on them; GiGi the Samsung Galaxy on “Brightest Flashlight” stuffed in my bra, causing my chest to glow a la  E.T. to give me enough light to administer said medication without rousing Jr from his semi-fitful coughing slumber; creeping tip-toe walk that would probably scare the sick right out of him if he DID happen to wake up and see the nut-job sneaking toward him…

Sure, it gets the job done, but I make Inspector Clouseau look like a master ninja.
Just Sayin’.

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