The New(ish) Normal. Just Sayin’.

Normal dinner “conversation” now includes things like:

-“Watermelon goes in our mouth, NOT down our underpants”

-“Well I didn’t think it was funny when Cailou did it either.”


-“Who put crayons in my wine?” (This is mostly a rhetorical question, although I haven’t totally ruled out The Mr.)

– “Don’t just lick the ketchup off… eat the cantaloupe too.” (Barf.)

– “It’s only good off Mommy’s plate? Can Mommy eat off your plate, then?” (That is a big “no” from The Little Emperor Jr, BTW.)

-“So honey, how was your – not on the floor! No more strawberries? Only Jello? With a fork? Daddy will you hand us a wipey, please?”

Sigh… adult conversation is uber-overated anyway, I’m sure.

Just Sayin’.

(“No buddy, Bob the tomato WANTS you to eat that ‘mato…. mommy promises.”)

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  1. he he. love it! and it just gets better and better! =)

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