Tale as old as time. Just sayin’.

It is snowing again along the front range here in nothing but white, “Colorful” Colorado.

This much late spring snow divides us natives into two camps – those who give the “it snows here, GET OVER IT” speeches and roll eyes and pretend it isn’t kind of starting to totally suck.

And those of us who know that the farmers need the moisture, know that our lawns are getting all happy and green under that blanket of cold white, and KNOW that Colorado springs do eventually dry out into beautiful, clear, sunny, AMAZEBALLS early summers. Those of us who know all of that, and who  are at this point still pretty much openly SHOUTING out the windows of our slush-spattered SUVs that we are DONE-ZO and to please Eff the H off, PRONTO SNOW!!


That latter catagory of native?

That’s me, yo.

Just Sayin’.

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