Oh the controversy.

I am now going to talk about the MOST CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC ever to be discussed on Reluctantly Suburban. A hotbed of fervent debate – something individuals feel so passionate and so decisive about, that arguing is as pointless as shouting at the wind. Rest assured, I too have a very definite opinion about this topic – and you can try until Hell and gone and I will NEVER be swayed.

Leggings are NOT pants.

That’s right – you heard me. NOT. PANTS.
Now before you delete Reluctantly Suburban from your legging-loving-self’s “to read” list forever, let me clarify what I mean by that ginormously inflammatory statement.
Leggings are also NOT tights. I do not believe that you can only wear leggings with dresses, that is not where this rant is going at all, people. Leggings are thick and cozy and there is no need to be sporting a knee length dress while rocking your favorite leg covers. No no no. (I mean if you want to, go right ahead. Winter is cold, tights are not thick, the struggle for leg warmth is REAL.)
Leggings are not tights… and not pants. They are leggings. They are their own thing – and they have spawned a whole section of tops designed with leggings in mind. I know that Keri is not the definitive voice in what is “right” in fashion (there isn’t one – fashion is fashion, blah blah blah, express yo’self, take risks, blah blah blah. BUT HERE WE TALK ABOUT KERI!) Still, I think that all of the tunics and long sweaters and loose, flowy Ts that have become available as leggings have gained popularity kind of all add up to one thing – whatever shirt you select to pair with your leggings should fall past your crotch. (There I said it.)
I know I know – “I can show my crotch if I want!!” Yes. Yes you can. BUT the term “Camel toe” did not come from thin air, yo. I personally like to hide the potential for that situation. Yes yes, by all means “you do you” if Toe is your style, I guess.
To me there are just so many awesome tops out now that are so obviously supposed to go over leggings. Plus that whole “loose on top, tight on the bottom, or vice versa” rule has always worked for me.
I know I am old, and lame, and those crazy kids today are going to do what they are going to do (Pausing to shake cane in air in direction of kids,) but still….
Of course if you are at the gym, then I get it – that is a functional workout uniform. Like competitive swimmers – when they are working out, they wear the tiny speedo. BUT, you don’t get much speedo action at the rec-center baby pool, right? Hello, board shorts.
Let me clarify – I don’t think it’s slutty, I don’t think it is shameful, I don’t think we are going to hell in a leggings-as-pants-lined handbasket.

It’s just that leggings can’t be what they aren’t. Leggings aren’t pants. They lack the innate “pants-i-ness” to ever truly be pants.
So why, OH WHY, can’t we just let them be leggings.

Isn’t that enough, people?

Let that be enough.

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